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Is it just me, or are good, kind people a real commodity these days? Sweltering day in Woodland Hills and my A/C seems suddenly to be not doing it's job so well. I watched the thermostat climb from 81 to 85 and started to freak out. Called John's and they sent someone out in like 15 minutes --- yes, 15 minutes! Guy comes in - points some amazingly futuristic gadget at my A/C register and says it's working fine. Just such a hot day that it was working overtime and couldn't keep up. What's even better than a company that comes out in 15 minutes and doesn't trump up some repair just to make money, but instead tells you that your system is fine ---- FREE OF CHARGE. Such nice, good, decent people.....
Jason B
Like many others here, John came to our rescue within about an hour of our call -- at nearly 10pm at night! Turned out it was a (hopefully) minor A/C compressor issue he was able to fix and show us how to maintain ourselves. And if it turns out to be a larger engine issue, he'll apply our payment toward that. Was it slightly pricier than having our home warranty cover it? Yes. Was it worth paying a few extra bucks to have a knowledgeable, kind professional show up at 10pm the night our A/C went out before yet another 105+ degree day in the Valley? Absolutely.
Andre V
These guys are great. The AC Industry is loaded with BS artists. John and his team are straight shooters. They did a complete new system install with replaced ducting in our 1500 sf Burbank home for $7000, all in. That was the low bid by far and HALF the high bid. Half! And you know what? The work and materials were all high-quality. They keep the price low because they are a small team with no overhead. We had a minor hitch involving a gas hookup and Jay solved it right away (and kept us fully informed what our options were). You need cool air? Hire these guys.
Mariah R